Name Change?

Yes, I have changed the name. The Christian Writer’s Office was a mouthful and also required a little more effort to share my site with others. That being said, I have changed the name to The Light Writer ( The same content is here and nothing has changed with the blogs. I will continue to write blogs but I will also be freelancing my services.

I have been published in David C. Cook Publishing Co. in their Devotions magazine. Most recently, my articles were published in the week of May 9-13 of this year 2019.

I am also in the process of writing a book that will be of help to new Christians and more mature Christians who want to get back where they should be in life. My desire is to hopefully have this book published by year end, although I can’t promise that.

I would also say that I will be creating Bible studies that will be of interest to those who are students of the Bible.

I will continue to send out a newsletter, preferably a monthly newsletter. So if you are not subscribed, let me encourage you to sign up to receive it.

Therefore, I will be putting new light, no pun intended, into the sight in the coming days and months. Thank you all who follow me and please, share my site with your friends.

Blessings to all,


One thought on “Name Change?

  1. Loved your new format and especially the music. I am thinking what kind of studies to present the area girls that will be locked up next to the boot camp. If they are like the boys, they know nothing. I am thinking Experiencing God by Henry Blackabee. You might have an idea though. Blessings Sherrill

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