Welcome to my Website

To some, the light might refer to simple reading as opposed to heavy reading. To others, it might imply something spiritual and most of my writing is spiritual. However, that does not limit me to other writing needs. I have completed writing my first non-fiction book, which is currently in the reviewing stage.

Words are very important, especially written ones. But words do not mean anything if they are just scattered over a page. When thought is put into those words and the words are laid out in paragraph form they form a story or something enlightening.

As a writer, I focus on putting words together to meet your need, whether your need is a story, an advertisement, a blog, a book or something entirely different.

I have been writing blogs for over 10 years now and have progressed into monthly newsletters for my followers.

Feel free to browse my blogs where you are likely to find something that interests you. I have not been posting much in the last few months but, of late I have had a rejuvenation of topics to share. I would also request that you share my blogs with whomever you wish.

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